The BAT Race is back ! La BAT Race revient !

BAT RACE 2018 Lac souterrain de Saint Léonard

As announced at the GlaGla Race, the BAT Race is back ! 3 years after the first edition, the most unique SUP Race will be held underground again on March 10-11th, 2018. Registration opening in a few days. More information coming soon ! 

Comme annoncé à la dernière GlaGla Race la BAT Race est de retour ! 3 ans après la première édition, la course la plus originale du monde, organisée sous terre aura lieu les 10 et 11 mars 2018 !

Ouverture des inscriptions lundi 26 février 2018.

BAT RACE 2015 video / La video de la BAT RACE 2015

Photos Alpine Lakes Tour Montreux

Alpine Lakes Tour Montreux SuisseMerci à Alexis Fernet photographe officiel de l’Alpine Lakes Tour depuis 2014 ! Encore de très belles photos pour cette 10e étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour à Montreux organisée par Montreux SUP’n SURF.

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Rubbish nouveau partenaire global de l’Alpine Lakes Tour 2015


Rubbish fait maintenant partie des partenaires globaux de l’Alpine Lakes Tour (avec Red Paddle et Supskin). Nous tenons à les remercier pour leur confiance !

Rubbish c est + qu’une marque de sacs. Chaque Rubbish bag est différent et transporte avec lui une part de belles sessions de ride sur les plus belles mers de la planète, ou dans les airs.

Les sacs Rubbish sont fabriqués à partir d’ailes de kite ou de parapente qui ne peuvent plus être utilisé pour rider. Nous leur donnons une seconde vie en les recyclant.

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The Bat Race : The World’s First Underground SUP Event

st-leonard-corne-suisse-600The Bat Race  : The world’s first underground stand up paddling competition on Europe’s largest underground lake in St-Léonard, Valais, Switzerland on 14th March 2015.

Riders will compete in sprint races in a double elimination tournament. Time for strolling on the lake and fun activities are also on the day’s schedule.

The event is baptised Bat Race in reference to the mammals that populate the cave where the event will take place.

Registration, limited to 40 riders, opens on 24th February 2015 at 20:00 CE on this website. Get ready !

Recently named a candidate for « the world’s most beautiful SUP race series » shortlist on, the Alpine Lakes Tour features races on the Alps’ most breathtaking lakes. No waves or coconut trees – here it’s crystal turquoise water, wild nature and snowy peaks that build the stage on which the tour’s competitors race year-round since 2013. Initially held in France and Switzerland, in 2015 the tournament will extend its reach to Italy with a race in the city of Turin. The tour launches its third edition with this world premiere organised with Swiss partner Alps SUP.

Lake St-Léonard is Europe’s largest underground lake. The about 300 m long pool is housed in a cave hidden in mountainside in the beautiful region of Valais, known for its vineyards, apricot orchards and world-class ski resorts. Mostly unaffected by the seasons change, the lake’s water is at a constant 11°C year-round and the air temperature in the cave averages 15°C. The lake is open to the public from March to October and can be visited through guided tours, which bring visitors on a rowing boat tour through the lake’s several bays.

Stand up paddling on the lake is forbidden and has been granted exclusively to the Alpine Lakes Tour for this unique event!

Event description

In order to avoid overcrowding and guarantee the lake’s magic stillness to all participants, registration is limited to 40 entrants. 25 further non-competitors can register as spectators. They will have the chance to paddle on the lake and take part to the SUP game scheduled at mid-event. One-design 12’6 inflatable race boards will be provided by the organiser. Competitors will be free to use their own paddles.

The tournament includes 3 rounds of which all competitors will race at least the first two. A different course and distance is planned for each round:


Roundapprox. distancebuoy turnscompetitors per heat
Round 11 km34
Round 2550 m44
Round 3500 m15
Final1 km36


It’s a tradition of the Alpine Lakes Tour to organise a SUP game (a SUP-related innovative and fun activity) at each event. Such a game will take place at one end of the lake at mid-event and will be open to all competitors, spectators and volunteers. Extra boards will be provided for free strolling on the remainder of the lake.

More information contact Marc Nava : / Phone +41 79 214 43 52