Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget

Alpine Lakrs Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget

La prochaine étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour aura lieu les 18 et 19 avril sur le canal de Savières et sur le lac du Bourget. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes!

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The next Alpine Lakes Tour stage will take place on April 18-19th, 2020 on the Canal de Savières and Lake Bourget. Registration is now open !

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Very Flat Race 2019 on lake Aiguebelette : resultats /results

Beautiful conditions yesterday for the Very Flat Race on Lake Aiguebelette ! A bit cold but the lake was very flat as expected for the long & short distance.

Ludovic Teulade won again the long distance (he won the GlaGla Race LD in January). His brother Jeremy won the beach race ! For women, Siri Schubert from switzerland won the long distance and Tanja Ecker (Germany) the beach race !

On the short distance the winner is Nicolas Andrey (on a 12’6 board) and for women, Muriel Bernard is first.

long distance start

Official Video

Long distance results / Ranking per category

  • 14′ hardb. = 14′ harbooards / SUP rigides
  • 14′ Infl. = 14′ Inflatable boards / SUP gonflables
  • M = Men / Hommes
  • W = Women / Femmes

Updated : April 16th – 2:40 pm

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Résultats / Ranking short distance – courte distance

glagla race courte distance 2017

The short distance started at the same as the long distance. Laurent Guyout (Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club, France) wins in 30:19′, Philippe Bienz (Switzerland) is second, arriving 40′ after Laurent and Olivier Ruedin (Switzerland) is third.

Laurent Guyout (Annecy SUP Club)

First woman is Barbara Grollimund (France), Catherine Zalts Dafflon (Switzerland) is second and Sandrine Genet (France) is third.

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Résultats Courte Distance / Short Distance Results

Courte distance glagla race 2016

Après les résultats de la longue distance de la GlaGla Race voici les temps de tous les participants à la courte distance classés à l’arrivée !

After the Long Distance Results, here is the Short Distance overall ranking.

1bib Prénom Nom/Name
1187DidierScovronFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:32:14
2144NicolasLo pintoFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:32:44
3160MichelMarchandFranceH14′Rigide / Hard board00:32:58
45Christophe Carpenter SuisseH14′Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:33:15
515VincentMarti franceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:32
6129GuillaumeBurgler SuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:38
748DavidFerrandFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:33:43
847VincentWuidartSuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:43
9213Marie-ElisabethMassonFranceF GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9214JérômeDansetteFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xArthurCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xHugoCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xClovisCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
1060GaspardDufour FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:34:36
11130AlexandreLaguianSuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:34:45
12118Titouan Ropiot FranceHJ12’6Rigide / Hard board00:35:04
13127BenoitPetite SuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:35:16
14125Laurent Chauchat FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:04
15148LucasScovron FranceH12’6gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:10
16175Hervé DemuleFranceH14′Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:25
173DidierHominal FranceH12’6gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:40
18110EstelleCombet FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:52
197ChristopheBlanc FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:36:58
202JordanTimbertFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:07
21176AlexisMichonFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:11
2213SandrineGenet FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:23
2395CharlotteDambrineFranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:38:00
2431StéphaneWelfelé FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:38:22
25161Pierre YvesGerland FranceH14′Rigide / Hard board00:38:40
2644MarcSimon FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:14
27156JérômeLlado FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:25
2828ThibaultMalpelFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:29
2983CatherineZALTS -Dafflon SuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:27
3010RubenOrdóñez SorianoEspagneH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:40:32
3166StéphaneMartin SuisseH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:33
3292ArmelleCluzeau BoudonFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:36
3381JocelyneDintenfranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:45
3478DavidStrubeSuisseH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:07
35112Mireille Giller France F12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:22
3694MichèleSigaud FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:30
3785RubenCliment LopezEspagneH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:34
38145SebastienLo PintoFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:40
394EricCugnietFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:50
40115MonikaKissling SuisseF14′Rigide / Hard board00:42:21
41183Laurent Boucher FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:42:22
4223KarineBargueFranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:42:26
4389Elodie Charron FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:43:30
4435BrunoSoffrayFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:05
45109MagaliCottave FranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:20
4696SandrineMoret FranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:20
47108PascaleTessier franceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:44:20
4837ChristopheMoret FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:22
49162HantaRamiharisonFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:44:55
5082MélanieLeyvrazSuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:45:05
51172FlorenceGagliardi FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:46:12
5297VanessaManguitoSuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:46:23
5327Benjamin RolandFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:47:00
54119CélineGremaudFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:48:05
55101MorganeVerliacfranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:50:16