Fiona Wylde is ready for the GlaGla Race

Fiona Wylde GlaGla RaceFiona Wylde arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race and was on the lake last sunday for a training session with Alain Teurquetil and Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club.

We asked her a few questions while she was on her way to go skiing in Chamonix !

Question 1 : A SUP race in the middle of winter in the Alps… on lake, what a strange idea don’t you think?

When I told my friends and family that I was coming to France for a race in the mountains in January, I got some pretty strange looks. Sure, it’s a different type of race and a bit unusual, but those are the best experiences!! I’m really excited to race, whatever the weather may be!

Question 2 : You arrived a week ago and came to a training session last sunday in Talloires. What was your first impression of the place, the lake ?

It’s been really nice to arrive early. I got here a week and a half before the race so I can enjoy the mountains skiing and get a few good paddles in before the race. Paddling with the Sunday crew was spectacular!! The local group here in Annecy is really strong and very passionate! It was fun to get on the water with everybody, especially with Alain leading us in Interval Training! 😜

Question 3 : Are you ready 😉 ?

3) I’m really looking forward to it!

Thanks Fiona enjoy you stay in Annecy and good luck for the races !


Ty Judson arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race

Ty Judson will be at the GlaGla Race

Hi Ty! We are super excited to welcome you at the GlaGla Race! What does it represent for a waterman such as yourself who is used to warm conditions, waves and saltwater, to race in the Alps in the middle of winter?

I find that racing in potentially sub zero temperatures is a novelty, but with the higher level of athletes attending it turns into a challenge. Having the likes of Titouan Puyo, Ludovic Teulade and Martin Vitry you always know that when you get on the start line it’s going to be as competitive of a race as any.

Ty Judson NSP team

There are more and more NSP riders attending the GlaGla Race, can you tell us more about the team?

The NSP team is a very tight knit family that I’ve grown to know and love. No matter where we are in the world, we always find the time to come together, have some fun and put on a show. I feel honoured to have been adopted into this amazing team. Having someone like Titouan Puyo to help guide the way as a mentor, fellow competitor, brother and friend has been something of an invaluable experience to me. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for me and the team.

Ty judson waves

What board are you intending to use for the GlaGla Race?

For the GlaGla Race 2020, I’ll be using the NSP Carolina. It definitely gives me the advantage for any condition Annecy has to throw at me.

You’re coming for the GlaGla Race, but the ski resorts aren’t that far away, are you planning on skiing during your stay?

That’s about all I’ll be doing during my stay here in France. I’ll be with the NSP Team (my second family) in Valmorel snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountaineering etc. – most of which are brand new to me, which I’m super excited to experience!

An unforgettable GlaGla Race ! Une GlaGla Race inoubliable !

glagla race 2019 à Talloires lac d'AnnecyWhat a GlaGla Race ! Sunny and cold, 650 registered participants from 20 countries ! Thanks everybody for coming ! Thanks also for your fairplay and good mood ! Thanks to the organisation team and the volunteers : Anaïs, Angélique, Arnaud, Benjamin, Caroline, Elie, Elodie, Florian & Florian, François, Guillaume, Jean-Luc, Jenny, Jérôme, Lionel & Lionel, Marc, Mathilde, Mathis, Elodie, Muriel, Nathalie, Olivier, Phil & Phil, Sarah, Sébastien, Sophie, Stéphanie & Yannick ! Thanks to Talloires-Montmin & the SAMETT : Julien & Marie-Paule, Monsieur Jean Favrot, Mayor of Talloires-Montmin. Thanks Christopher Parker and the Paddle League team, thanks Yoann & Sarah  (Aerostudio) for their incredible video and Alexis for the pictures !Thanks also Links and the lake Annecy Tourist office ! Many thanks to the Diving Club of Annecy le Vieux, Yoann Conte, the Rowing club of Sevrier and the rowing club of Talloires who helped us with their boats.

Quelle GlaGla Race ! Ensoleillée et froide, 650 inscrits de 20 pays ! Merci à tous d’être venus ! Merci à tous pour votre fairplay et votre bonne humeur ! Merci à notre belle équipe d’organisation et de bénévoles : Anaïs, Angélique, Arnaud, Benjamin, Caroline, Elie, Elodie, Florian & Florian, François, Guillaume, Jean-Luc, Jenny, Jérôme, Lionel & Lionel, Marc, Mathilde, Mathis, Elodie, Muriel, Nathalie, Olivier, Phil & Phil, Sarah, Sébastien, Sophie, Stéphanie & Yannick ! Merci à la commune de Talloires-Montmin et à la SAMETT : Julien et Marie-Paule, Monsieur Jean Favrot maire de Talloires-Montmin. Merci à Christopher Parker et à l’équipe de de The Paddle League, merci à Yoann et Sarah (Aerostudio) pour leur video incroyable et à Alexis pour les photos ! Merci aussi à Links et à l’office de Tourisme du lac d’Annecy. Un grand merci au club de plongée d’Annecy le Vieux, à Yoann Conte, aux clubs d’aviron de Sevrier et Talloires qui nous ont été avec leurs bateaux !

GlaGla Race Official video

GlaGla Race faces


Long distance / longue distance

Women/Femmes 14’

  1. Sonni Hönscheid – Onexe – Starboard (Germany) 1h35’14”
  2. Amandine Chazot – Presqu’ile sports côtier- Sunova (France) 1h35’31”
  3. Ella Oesterholt – Hkv Haarlem – Starboard (Netherlands) 1h42’11”

Men/Hommes 14’

  1. Ludovic Teulade – Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club – Oxbow (France) 1h28’35”
  2. Normen Weber KSA Augsburg  – Siren (Germany) 1h28’35”
  3. Leonard Nika – Starboard (Italy) 1h28’38”

Women/Femmes 12’6 hardboard/Rigide

  1. Sigrid Baumgartner – SUP Club Burgenland (Austria) 2h00’06”
  2. Marie Esnaola – Handi Surf (France) 2h02’10”
  3. Laurence Perrier (France) 2h05’03”

Men/Hommes 12’6 hardboard/Rigide

  1. Steve Liner – Surf In Trouville (France) 1h41’35”
  2. Gilles Bruzac – Gravelines Kayak Vaa (France) 1h47’19”
  3. Stéphane Guillermin (Switzerland) 1h49’43”

Women/Femmes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Julie Tocqueville – Hyères Stand Up Paddle Club (France) 2h05’30”
  2. Gill Strange  Braylake England (UK) 2h10’44”
  3. Florence Claeskens KYC (Belgium) 2h14’38”

Men/Hommes 12’6 ISUP/Gonflable

  1. Jonas Pauldrach – WPH (Germany) 1h39’13”
  2. Alexandre Eneman GKV (France) 1h46’09”
  3. Gilles Mathieu (France) 1h47’43”

Wise Men (over 60)/ Grand sages (+60)

  1. Daniel Ferri (France) 1h58’16”
  2. Paul Pollanka – SUP Club Burgenland (Austria) 2h02’05”
  3. Emmanuel Bouchel – Le Grand Huit (France) 2h02’39”

Wise Women (over 60) Grandes sages (+60)

  1. Martine Chollet – Savoie Paddle Club (France) 2h02’19”

Outrigger / Pirogues Men / Hommes

  1. Mickaël Couve Bonnaire / Tony Coulange  (France)
  2. Frédéric Balmens  (France)
  3. Lionel Mougin  (France)

Outrigger / Pirogues Women / Femmes

  1. Nina Chantri
  2. Pauline Marzilli

Short distance / Courte distance

Women/Femmes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Elena Moriggia – Surf’in Trouville (France) 52’43”
  2. Florence Teurquetil (France) 53’26”
  3. Sandrine Genet – Savoie Paddle Club (France) 55’47”

Men/Hommes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Yuri Karavaev Rapid SUP (Ukraine) 44’49”
  2. Antoine Thomas – Team Decathlon Ecully (France) 46’00”
  3. Vincent Lemaine (France) 46’51”

Women/Femmes 12’6 Hardboard/Rigide

  1. Emmanuelle Marcon – Pagaie Club Thonon (France) 46’11”
  2. Catherine Hardouin – OCEAN (France) 50’55”
  3. Charlotte Dambrine – Le Grand Huit (France) 52’24”

Men/Hommes 12’6 Hardboard/Rigide

  1. Thomas Berger (France) 47’30”
  2. Enzo Boccia (UK) 48’58”
  3. Paolo Nardini (Italy) WAS Savona

Women/Femmes 14’

  1. Florence Julen – SUP Spirit Sion (Switzerland)  46’58”
  2. Laure Pelletier – OCEAN (France) 47’18”
  3. Karine Dumont – OCEAN (France) 47’42”

Men/Hommes 14’

  1. Laurent Guyout – Doubs Paddle (France) 41’56”
  2. Patryck Kowalski (Poland) 42’51”
  3. Benoît Ruffier – Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club (France) 42’53”

Junior Men / Hommes

  1. Teo Druelle Pagaie Club Thonon (France) 47’27”
  2. Marceau Capitanio (France) 50’07”
  3. Pablo Bauer (France) 51’29”

Junior Women / Femmes

  1. Lola Pelletier – OCEAN (France) 46’57”


Getting close to 2018 record (500 registrants) – on approche du record de 2018 (500 inscrits)

glagla raceWe are getting close to GlaGla Race last edition record number of registrants (495 to be precise) / On se rapproche du record de participation de la dernière édition de la GlaGla Race (495 inscrits pour être précis).

GlaGla Race registration is open until January 8th at the regular rate. Then if we haven’t reach the maximum of participants allowed, there will be a late registration fee. So don’t wait to much to register ! The GlaGla Race is a unique experience you will enjoy, no doubt!

Les inscriptions à la GlaGla Race sont ouvertes jusqu’au 8 janvier 2019. Si reste des places, un tarif d’inscription majoré de dernière minute sera appliqué. Donc, n’attendez plus pour vous inscrire ! La GlaGla Race est une expérience unique à ne pas manquer sans aucun doute!

GlaGla Race

GlaGla Race

Merci à Jean Sebastien Touchet (agence Blue1310) pour ces superbes photos.



GlaGla Race 2019 : 10 reasons why you should register !

glagla race 2017

10 reasons (but there are more !) why you should register for the GlaGla Race in 2019 !

La version française de cet article est ici

  • The GlaGla Race represents the opportunity to participate in one the largest SUP Race in the world (500 paddlers in 2018, up to 700 in 2019)
  • The GlaGla Race is about the unique feeling of paddling in a beautiful mountain landscape covered with snow. (and even sometimes with snow on the beach !)
  • The GlaGla Race is SUP Race… but you can also enjoy skiing with many ski resorts all around (and even 2 ski lifts in Talloires !)
  • At the GlaGla Race, you can find very affordable accommodation (if you register early enough) especially with our partners : Les Alérions and Florimontane.
  • At the GlaGla Race you will also find clinics, yoga lessons, talks and board testing.
  • At the GlaGla Race you can get a nice organic GlaGla T-Shirt for a special price :5€ only (until november 31st)
  • The GlaGla Race is the first Alpine Lakes Tour stage, a friendly competition accross the Alps where you will meet other passionate and sporty people to share and challenge.
  • The GlaGla Race is the opening race of The Paddle League (offering points for the world ranking)
  • The GlaGla Race is a popular event gathering the best athletes and participants who race for the first time ! You can participate even if you don’t have a board (you can rent one)
  • The GlaGla Race offers the opportunity to discover Talloires, a beautiful village between the lake and the mountains !

More about GlaGla Race 2019 :

GlaGla Race videos

GlaGla Race 2019 : registration opening tonight – ouverture des inscriptions ce soir

GlaGla Race 2019 : 100 days to go !

La Glagla Race, compétition hivernale unique au monde, aura lieu du 18 au 20 janvier 2019 à Talloires Lac d’Annecy.

« Ramer en plein hiver, sous la neige, dans les Alpes avec une eau à 4°c….”

Depuis la première GlaGla Race en 2014, le nombre de participants a été multiplié par 10 ! 40 en 2014, 100 en 2015, 200 en 2016, 350 en 2017, 495 en 2018 !

Parmi les nouveautés cette année : une journée consacrée au test de matériel, à des clinics et échanges le vendredi.

Les inscriptions sont maintenant ouvertes sur

Video 2018 de la GlaGla Race

The GlaGla Race is over, thank you all !

glagla race 2017 start

This 4th GlaGla Race is now over…

First I want to thank you all for coming ! We had people from South Africa, Australia, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UK and from all regions of France : from Corsica, the South west, the french riviera, Brittany, normandy, the North…

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Vidéo GlaGla Race 2016 avant de partir en week-end


Que de bons souvenirs cette GlaGla Race 2016 ! Merci à Alain et et Alim pour cette superbe vidéo ! Les images de drône sont magnifiques ! Pour ceux qui n’ont pas pu venir, on peut d’ore et déjà vous dire que la 4eme édition de la GlaGla Race aura lieu le samedi 21 janvier 2017 à Talloires ! A noter dès aujourd’hui dans l’agenda de votre smartphone ! Une version anglaise de la video arrive.

GlaGla Race 2016 à Talloires (Version Française) from widiwici video channel on Vimeo.

Résultats Courte Distance / Short Distance Results

Courte distance glagla race 2016

Après les résultats de la longue distance de la GlaGla Race voici les temps de tous les participants à la courte distance classés à l’arrivée !

After the Long Distance Results, here is the Short Distance overall ranking.

1bib Prénom Nom/Name
1187DidierScovronFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:32:14
2144NicolasLo pintoFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:32:44
3160MichelMarchandFranceH14′Rigide / Hard board00:32:58
45Christophe Carpenter SuisseH14′Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:33:15
515VincentMarti franceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:32
6129GuillaumeBurgler SuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:38
748DavidFerrandFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:33:43
847VincentWuidartSuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:33:43
9213Marie-ElisabethMassonFranceF GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9214JérômeDansetteFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xArthurCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xHugoCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
9xClovisCampionFranceH GIANT BOARD00:34:25
1060GaspardDufour FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:34:36
11130AlexandreLaguianSuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:34:45
12118Titouan Ropiot FranceHJ12’6Rigide / Hard board00:35:04
13127BenoitPetite SuisseH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:35:16
14125Laurent Chauchat FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:04
15148LucasScovron FranceH12’6gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:10
16175Hervé DemuleFranceH14′Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:25
173DidierHominal FranceH12’6gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:40
18110EstelleCombet FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:36:52
197ChristopheBlanc FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:36:58
202JordanTimbertFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:07
21176AlexisMichonFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:11
2213SandrineGenet FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:37:23
2395CharlotteDambrineFranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:38:00
2431StéphaneWelfelé FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:38:22
25161Pierre YvesGerland FranceH14′Rigide / Hard board00:38:40
2644MarcSimon FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:14
27156JérômeLlado FranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:25
2828ThibaultMalpelFranceH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:39:29
2983CatherineZALTS -Dafflon SuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:27
3010RubenOrdóñez SorianoEspagneH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:40:32
3166StéphaneMartin SuisseH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:33
3292ArmelleCluzeau BoudonFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:36
3381JocelyneDintenfranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:40:45
3478DavidStrubeSuisseH12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:07
35112Mireille Giller France F12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:22
3694MichèleSigaud FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:41:30
3785RubenCliment LopezEspagneH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:34
38145SebastienLo PintoFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:40
394EricCugnietFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:41:50
40115MonikaKissling SuisseF14′Rigide / Hard board00:42:21
41183Laurent Boucher FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:42:22
4223KarineBargueFranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:42:26
4389Elodie Charron FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:43:30
4435BrunoSoffrayFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:05
45109MagaliCottave FranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:20
4696SandrineMoret FranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:20
47108PascaleTessier franceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:44:20
4837ChristopheMoret FranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:44:22
49162HantaRamiharisonFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:44:55
5082MélanieLeyvrazSuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:45:05
51172FlorenceGagliardi FranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:46:12
5297VanessaManguitoSuisseF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:46:23
5327Benjamin RolandFranceH12’6Rigide / Hard board00:47:00
54119CélineGremaudFranceF12’6Gonflable / Inflatable SUP00:48:05
55101MorganeVerliacfranceF12’6Rigide / Hard board00:50:16

GlaGla Race : point au 19-01 / latest info


J-4 pour la GlaGla Race ! Les infos à jour : infos sécurité, programme à jour, conditions, repas du midi et du soir et ski du dimanche !

4 days to go before the GlaGla Race ! Updated information : safety informations, updated schedule, lunch & diner info and skiing day !

Nous affichons complet mais des désistements nous ont permis d’accepter les derniers inscrits. Les inscriptions sont donc encore ouvertes. La limite est fixée à jeudi 21 à 18h. Les inscriptions sont validées après paiement. Si vous n’avez pas encore payé vos frais d’inscription, merci de payer via paypal (merci de nous envoyer un mail dans ce cas à

We are more or less full but last minute cancellation enabled us to accept the lastest registrants. So registration are still opened for the moment. We’ll close registrations on Thursday, 21 à 6 pm. (local time). Registrations are officially accepted after payment. Payment should be made with paypal (tell us by mail :

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