La GlaGla Race dans 6 mois ! 6 months before the GlaGla Race !

départ GlaGla Race 2017

La GlaGla Race, mythique course hivernale de stand up paddle sur le lac d’Annecy aura lieu dans 6 mois ! 500 concurrents de toute l’Europe (et même au delà sont attendus).

The GlaGla Race, a legendary winter stand up paddle race on Lake Annecy (France) will take place in 6 months ! 500 competitors from all over Europe (and far beyond are expected).

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Video GlaGla Race 2017

Emission télématin / Telematin TV show

8 Mont Blanc TV report / Reportage 8 Mont Blanc

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The Very Flat Race : 2e étape sur le lac d’Aiguebelette le 8 avril

a rainy but happy flat raceLa Very Flat Race est la 2eme étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour 2017 après la GlaGla Race. Elle aura lieu le samedi 8 avril sur le lac d’Aiguebelette (Savoie). Le nombre de participants est limité à 100 en raison du classement du lac d’Aiguebelette en réserve naturelle protégée.

The Very Flat Race is Alpine Lakes Tour 2017 second stop (after the GlaGla Race). It will take place on April,8th. Registration opens today at 8 pm. Lake Aiguebelette just became a protected area, registration are limited, no more than 100 participants. Don’t be late to register !

depart flat race aiguebelette

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13 days to go before the GlaGla Race – Registration still open

2 weeks to go ! Over 300 participants registered so far and registration is still open. For more info read SUPRacer article and watch the teaser below.


The GlaGla Race is definitely not your average SUP race. While paddleboarding usually conjures up images of boardshorts, sun and sand, GlaGla takes the opposite approach. Instead of sand it’ll be snow, and in place of boardies you’ll find full-length winter gear.

But those paddlers who aren’t afraid of the cold will certainly be rewarded: Lake Annecy (or lac d’Annecy) is a beautiful part of the world, with the Alps rising high above the lake to create lasting imagery.

Named after the French equivalent of “Brrr, it’s freezing!” the “GlaGla” race will be a very special way to kick off the new year. For those who can make the trip to the Alps near the border between France and Switzerland, the event offers a full day of winter racing with several different courses on offer, while the sight of 300+ paddlers charging off the line will surely be something to behold (let’s get those drones going). »

GlaGla Race : ouverture des inscriptions

ouverture inscriptions glagla race

Les inscriptions pour la GlaGla Race 2017 sont ouvertes. Registration for the GlaGla Race 2017 is open.

Les inscriptions pour la GlaGla Race 2017 sont ouvertes. Chaque année depuis la première édition en 2014 le nombre de participants double et nous sommes à chaque fois arrivés au nombre maximum autorisé… Donc inscrivez vous dès que vous pouvez !

Registration for the GlaGla Race 2017 is open ! Each year since the first edition in 2014, the number of participants doubles ! Register quickly ! If you need help send us an email : 

Inscrivez-vous maintenant ! Register now !

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Ouverture des inscriptions pour la WILD Race au Lac de Roselend

Wild Race Alpine Lakes Tour Roselend

La WILD Race est un des temps forts de l’Alpine Lakes Tour. Elle aura lieu le 6 et 7 août 2016.

Les infos et inscriptions pour la WILD RACE 2017 c’est ici !

Le lac de Roselend, habituellement interdit à la navigation est un lieu magique, entouré des montagnes du Beaufortain avec du bout du lac une magnifique vue sur la Pierra Menta et le Mont Blanc ! La WILD Race est une occasion unique de naviguer sur ce lac. Seuls quelques chalets d’alpage, un petit hôtel et 2 restaurants le surplombent. Ne manquez pas cette expérience unique, inscrivez-vous !

The Wild Race is one of the Alpine Lakes Tour stops not to be missed ! Lake Roselend is usually forbiden to any kind of boat, SUP, kayak, etc… The place is unique surrounded by snowy mountains and the famous Pierra Menta. Only a few chalets and cows can be found over the lake. You can stay in the village of Beaufort. There is also a small hotel over the lake.

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Infos inscrits Flat Race / participants information

Flat Race Aiguebelette

J-13 pour la Flat Race ! Les préparatifs sont bien avancés ! Si vous êtes inscrits et que vous n’avez pas encore réglé les frais d’inscriptions, merci de le faire très rapidement ou de nous contacter, nous allons prendre les personnes qui sont sur liste d’attente.

13 days to go before the Flat Race ! We are almost ready ! If you registered and didn’t pay yet the registration fees, please do it quicky, otherwise, we will take the people on the waiting list. Contact us if you need :

From the summits of the Alps to the largest European lake

TRC_7481With 4 stops in 2 weeks and the Alpine SUP camp, for all stand up paddle and wide open mountain spaces addicts, it is an exciting time !

It started on Lake Roselend (with the famous Pierra Mountain above), a pure emerald green mountain lake with an XXL SUP Camp supervised by Eric Terrien.


Eric then won the long distance and technical race in Roselend and the SUPer LAP Race in Tignes !

This week-end, after the white summits of the Savoie, the Alpine Lakes Tour is heading towards the largest European lake, Lake Geneva, with 2 stops in 2 days : one on the French side in Sciez with a long distance race going up to the picturesque village of Yvoire, a short race, a technical and kid race, Red Paddle Co (and others brands) tests and also a GladiaSUP to relax afterwards. (a stand up paddle contest with inflatable obstacles)

On sunday August the 2nd, less than 30 kilometers from Sciez, a totally different stop in the city of Geneva in Switzerland. The race format is going to be more technical and fun with a SUPer LAP Race. The Super Lap concept is pretty simple: During a multi-lap race, each participant gets to take a shortcut on one lap of their choice. The key here is that each paddler gets to choose when they take the Super Lap. This throws up so many interesting possibilities that turns the race into an unpredictable, tactical battle.

Registration (in French)

Alpine Lakes Tour Lake Geneva schedule

Saturday August, 1st  : Sciez

8.30 am : Registration confirmation and bib pick up
10 am : Long and short distance races start
1 pm : GladiaSUP
2 pm : Kid Race
2-4 pm : Red Paddle 2015 range test (and others brands)
3.30 pm : Technical Race
5 pm : award ceremony
6 pm : Red Circus concert

Sunday August, 2nd : Geneva

10.30 am : Registration confirmation and bib pick up
11.30 am : Super LAP Race first round
12.30 am : Lunch at the Tropical Corner
1 pm : parents and kids contest
2 pm : Super LAP Race 2nd round
3 pm  : Award ceremony

Press contact

Benoit Mouren (widiwici) tel : +33(6) 85 85 6006 / mail :
More info. :

Alpine Lakes Tour Annecy (for our English Readers)

Alpine Lakes Tour Annecy in English

3rd stop : Lake Annecy !

After the underground Lake Leonard in Switzerland, and Lake Aiguebelette, the Alpine Lakes Tour next stop this week end is in Annecy. It’s the first time ever that a SUP Race is taking place in the heart of the city of Annecy, famous for its old town and canal.

This very special event mixes entertaining activities and sprint, short, long distances races + a technical race.

Information in French here / Infos en français ici

A Paddle Yoga session will be held on saturday afternoon.

Thanks to our main sports partner Red Paddle Co, Tests, sprint races, crazy games and the kid race will be free !

The Beach Race is going to be held in the evening (at 7 pm) to catch the very nice sunset light.

The Long Distance -15 km-, a record for an Alpine Lakes Tour race, is going to be held on Sunday Morning (at 9 am) to have a very still and clear lake. Don’t miss it !

The Route is a new one starting from Les Marquisats beach in Annecy, crossing towards the village of Veyrier, then along the shore up to the Menthon Castle. The the racers will cross again the lake towards the “lagoon”, a part of the lake where the water is very clear.

The last part follow the shore to the starting point in les Marquisats.

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Ouverture des inscriptions pour la Bat Race – Bat Race registration opening


Va falloir faire vite ! Be quick ! Only 40 bibs available ! Il n’y a que 40 dossard disponibles !

Ce formulaire vous permet de vous inscrire à l’évènement Bat Race Alpine Lakes Tour – Lac Souterrain du 14 mars 2015

Use this form to register for the event Bat Race / Alpine Lakes Tour – Underground Lake on 14th March 2015.